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About Us

Erin & Andy

We have been living in Los Angeles for several years. We love the city and plan to stay here indefinitely. Our own dogs bring so much love and joy into our family, which inspires us to support others with their canine needs.

We understand that dogs are more than household pets, they are family members. Our canine family includes a pit bull mix, Lena and a corgi-chow-shepherd mix, Bo. We adopted Lena when she was 8 weeks old. We are not sure how old Bo is due to the fact that he was rescued as an adult from the streets of Atwater. The very different experiences of raising an incredibly energetic puppy and of integrating an adult who had been fending for himself into our household constantly reminds us that every dog's personality has its own unique challenges. We feel that there is no greater joy than meeting those challenges, discovering how to meet each dog's individual needs and truly becoming a best friend to that canine companion. We love dogs of all breeds and personalities! We look forward to the opportunity to care for your pets just as we care for our own!

You may need Professional pet care when…
  • Your pets seem lonely, possibly even depressed while you are away.

  • You come home to find that your dog has chewed up your furniture and personal items while you were away.

  • You are away from your home for long periods of time, longer than your dogs can go without exercising or eliminating.

  • Your dogs seem to have more energy than you can help them deal with...

  • You are going on vacation or a business trip and you don't like the thought of leaving your pets in a kennel.

  • You want the very best care for your pets!

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